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Do’s and Don’t After a Car Accident


Filing an insurance claim after an auto accident and dealing with insurance adjusters can undoubtedly be quite the task. Many car accident lawyers Houston would agree that the following do’s and don’ts would help anyone involved in an accident handle the situation with ease.


  • Do call your insurance provider right after an accident.
  • Do make the effort to understand your insurance policy completely.
  • Do record as many details of the accident as possible.
  • Do make note of insurance details of any other individual or automobile involved in the mishap.
  • Do document any conversation and interaction with insurance officers, agents or anyone involved in the claims process.
  • Do save receipts and bills for all expenses relating to your insurance claim, bills for auto repair work, and medical costs.
  • Do be honest with the insurance investigators so that your claim does not get denied for fraudulent reasons.
  • Do check if you have more than one insurance policy, and also check for what the policies cover. Many people have a number of insurance policies under which they can file insurance claims.


  • Don’t admit liability on your part; stick to the facts, but don’t express any opinion.
  • Don’t give anything in writing to any insurance officers if you don’t understand any part of your policy or claim.
  • Don’t let your insurance claim’s time limits run out.
  • Don’t just accept your insurance agent’s estimation without doing your own estimations.
  • Don’t sign any releases or waivers. If you don’t know what you are being asked to sign, consult one of the many available car accident lawyers for help.
  • Don’t take any check unless you believe it is a fair compensation for your damages.
  • Don’t give a recorded statement.

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